As well as the term, the symbol of Oligoamory likewise emerges from the equivalent template relating to Polyamory.

Both badges feature the red heart, which since medieval times stands as an attribute for romantic love, affection and passion.

Concerning Polyamory, that heart is being supplemented by a closed figure-eight-shaped blue ribbon, a so-called “Lemniscate”. The symbol is intended to represent the infinity and boundlessness of love.

Whereas the heart of Oligoamory is being entwined by a blue double spiral, similar to a so-called “Clothoid”. The pictograph of the double spiral, with its into one another winding coils, is employed by humans since the late Neolithic age to represent becoming and passing away as well as time. The dynamic shape of the double coil is thereby open – and likewise finite.

As the originator of the “Oligoamory symbol” the above-mentioned interpretation of the double spiral is crucial to me because the emphasis on the idiosyncrasies and potentials of the human element are essential to my view of Oligoamory.

Human beings like us are existing spatiotemporally in a both finite as well as transitory world. Our resources and our energies, our sensory perceptions, our time, and therefore also our relationships and even our lifespan is limited and finite.

Exactly this finiteness – and the dawn of the 21st century makes it quite obvious in so many ways – immediately suggests a more attentive and sustainable husbandry regarding our available treasures of substantial as well as ideational nature.
Our awareness in respect of the ubiquitous finiteness has always evoked in human groups the fascinating aptitude of distribution, shared use, and optimisation of the available.
In the course of this, it becomes globally as well as in the smallest companionship apparent that we have always been particularly successful, if we thereby moved from mere distributional justice towards individual needs-based justice.

Oligoamory wants to invite to a mindful adoption of these vital values into ethical and loving multiple relationships.

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