October 2019
Entry 29
Asks if returning to monogamy or to live solitary (again) is the easy way out.

September 2019
Entry 28
Reflects on the dimension of personal freedom regarding our search for intimacy and affection.

Entry 27
Deals with intimacy and the rocky road towards our emotional home.

Entry 26
In which I reflect on those things that restrain me from living oligoamorously.

Entry 25
Tries to answer the question where and how to find likeminded people.

August 2019
Entry 24
In which I try to fathom the tension between codependency and interdependency – and their bearing on any kind of human relationship.

Entry 23
Non-monogamy and sensory processing sensitivity? In this Entry I explain, why a highly sensitive person (HSP) like myself tinkers with Oligoamory.

Entry 22
Depressions and (multiple)relationships? These two phenomenons don’t have to contradict each other – and there are times when both rather can be means to an end.

Entry 21
I try to shed some light on our complex inner world of self-image and role ascriptions, which always motivate us in our relationships – for good or bad.

Juli 2019
Entry 20 #Communication
Which contains introductions into the philosophies of “Nonviolent Communication” and “Radical Honesty” and their significance concerning (multiple) relationships.

Entry 19
Describes why we have to put off our rose-coloured glasses when infatuaton becomes true love.

Entry 18
Tells a tale about the odysseys and fools’s errands which our journey into multiple relationships can be.

Entry 17
Outlines the dissimilar mindsets of pragmatists and idealists and why they are prone to clash.

June 2019
Entry 16 #Communication
I share with you my inner process why I omitted the opportunity for conversation – which is always risky business in any kind of relationship.

Entry 15 #Trust
In which I take a closer look on mutual trust and self-confidence at the beginning of a relationship.

Entry 14
Contains scientifc answers concerning nearness and other indicators for “good” relationships.

Entry 13
Wherein I am visited by a powerful oligoamorous entity bearing grave implications.

May 2019
Entry 12
In which I try to answer the question “How many are a few?” by oligoamorous measure.

Entry 11
Tells a story about quite mundane superheroes who fight each day against incredible odds for their loved ones as well as for themselves.

Entry 10
Outlines the effect of varying pace concerning metamours in a multiple relationship.

Entry 9
Wherein the implications of the “emotional contract” in any relationship are described.

April 2019
Entry 8
In which I trie to describe how to navigate between the rapids of “Togetherness” and “Aloneness”.

Entry 7
Contains considerations about our committment versus our freedom of choice.

Entry 6
Where you will find a tale about the loves of our loved ones.

Entry 5
In which the significance of our associates of choice is proclaimed.

März 2019
Entry 4
In which a conversation reveals further details of oligoamorous relationship ministration.

Entry 3
Which prospects important values and characteristics concerning Oligoamory itself.

Entry 2
In which a letter explains why the archipelago of Polyamory was abandoned.

Entry 1
Describes, how the journey started and in which manner the island of Oligoamory was discovered.